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November 20, 2015
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Care Tips & Hints for Your Vehicle

Heat Stroke

It is best to park your vehicle in the shade for several reasons. Air conditioning systems must use a portion of the vehicle’s gasoline in order to cool the car. The hotter it is inside, the harder the system must work. Invest in a quality windshield shade. The heat inside a closed up car parked directly in the sun rises exponentially in a very short period of time. The sun can also damage the interior of the vehicle rather quickly.

Save Gas Money

One common area that individuals try to cut costs in is gasoline. Everyone has felt the gas crunch at one time or another. Most experts that the largest majority of cars and trucks operate perfectly fine on regular gasoline. Of course, if the vehicle manual specifically states that it requires premium gasoline, do not fill the tank with anything less. Owners whose cars do not require premium grade save a great deal of money by opting for regular gas. Another tip from the experts is that proper and routine maintenance can also save money on gas.

Block the Elements

For those individuals who are lucky enough to own a garage, it is the absolute best place to park your car. A garage shields it from the intense heat of the sun as well as the frigid air of the cold. As mentioned previously, your air conditioning system will not be stressed trying to cool the car’s interior down. Note that parking in the garage also eliminates the need to scrape and defrost your windshield.

Proper Pressure

All vehicle owners, regardless of the make and model they own, should make a habit of checking the tire pressure about once per month. Examine the post just inside the door and check the vehicle owners’ manual to determine what the recommended tire pressure is. The optimal time to check the tire pressure is first thing in the morning. For the most accurate reading the tires should be cold.

Pump, Pump, Pump it up

It is essential to pump your tires up, if the pressure is low. Again check the sticker just inside the driver’s door for the correct tire pressure. Driving around on low tires packs a one, two punch for your vehicle. The tires wear down much quicker which can also affect the alignment. Believe it or not, underinflated tires can also increase your gasoline bill.

A Finely Tuned Engine

Many automobile owners do not realize that neglecting tune ups for their cars and/or failing emissions testing can increase the fuel bill as well. It is best to schedule tune ups well in advance so as not to forget. Many vehicles today have on board computers which can connect to smart phones. These can be set to provide alerts when the next tune up date is near. Some experts say that a fouled plug can increase gas costs by as much as 30%.

Clean Air

A dirty air filter can force a vehicle to work much harder as well as diminishes its fuel efficiency. Be sure to check your air filter or have your car technician examine it to determine if it is clogged. The best and simplest method is to check the air filter with every oil change and/or tune up. The owners’ manual should explain how often filters must be replaced. Do not forget to check the oil and gas filters as well. An average filter change frequency estimate is either about every 3,000 miles or quarterly.

Whether you are a DIY person or you have your favorite mechanic on speed dial, car maintenance is extremely important. It can save on the gas bill as well as on repairs and replacement parts. A well cared for vehicle continues to perform optimally for many, many years. Here are a few parting tips.

  • Check you vehicle’s fluids including the oil; transmission fluid; brake fluid; power steering fluid; and coolant often.
  • Ask your maintenance tech to flush your coolant system annually.
  • There are certain car experts who claim that keeping a car clean reduces gas consumption.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is regularly lubed with a high quality lubricant.

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